karen l. polvinale, owner/teacher

​​​​​​​Body Language, LLC

​Karen is the winner of the Funcoast Readers Choice Award 2012 for Best Yoga Class​

Phone:  419-366-1051



Muscular                   Increases flexibility, tone, & core strength
                                     Relaxes tight muscles
                                     Decreases pain, headaches & tension
                                     Body becomes more symmetrical

Skeletal                      Increases bone density
                                     Improves joint mobility & lubrication
                                     Spine becomes supple
                                     Arthritis can be alleviated

Respiratory              Breath becomes deeper & fuller
                                     Improves breathing disorders
                                     Breathing becomes smoother and easier

Circulatory                Decreases Blood Pressure & Pulse
                                     Helps to prevent & heal heart disease
                                     Improves circulation

Digestive                   Improves digestion & elimination
                                     Organs are massaged & stimulated
                                     Calms systems in IBS

Immune                      Strengthens the immune system
                                     Adrenal glands are soothed

Endocrine                 Stimulates proper function of endocrine glands

Lymphatic                Lymphatic drainage is stimulated
                                    Edema can be reduced

Nervous                    Calms the mind, decreases anxiety & emotionality
                                    Increases ability to handle stress

Eliminatory              Promotes elimination of toxins