​"It is true that people of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from yoga practice. I've been attending a variety of classes with different types of instructors for the past few years.  What I like about Karen's classes is that they can easily be adjusted to your own personal level without making you feel frustrated. Karen's soothing voice and graceful movements make you feel comfortable and strong. I do other forms of exercise on a regular basis, but yoga relaxes as well as strengthens. I have definitely felt an improvement in my mind and body since I started making yoga part of my weekly routine.   Thank you Karen for not trying to be a drill sergeant." 

      Lezlie W. 

"A few years ago I had been going to classes at the Y but then those classes were cancelled.  A friend told me about your class as I had been looking for another yoga class to attend.  The classes are fun, reasonable, and a benefit to your health.  After class I feel relaxed and refreshed.  Thank you for instructing the yoga classes, I enjoy it immensely. 

      Kaira C.

"I definitely sleep better when I've had a yoga session during the day.  Yoga keeps me flexible so I can get down on the floor and play with my grandchildren." 

      Ann D.

First-hand testimony

I rated Karen 5 stars on all the rating categories, because I know first-hand how much time and effort she puts into making sure she gives her classes the very best experience possible. I should know. I've been her husband for 44 years.

      Gary P.


A peaceful adjustable yoga. A class for all ages & abilities. Shows different degrees of a pose for the student to use according to their abilities.
A quiet relaxing class that allows you to stretch & move at your own pace.
At the end of the class, I am energized & rejuvenated, not sore & wiped out.
I have an overall peaceful feeling in mind, body , & spirit.

      Linda M.

Yoga, good for mind, body & soul!

I've been taking Karen's yoga class at NOMS fitness center in Sandusky for about 3 years. It was new to me then, but now a big part of my weekly routine. I'm not usually one to join in a group class, but felt comfortable with Karen from day one.
She taught me how to "forget about today, don't think about tomorrow
this hour is for you."
Through her class, I learned to take care of myself from the inside out.
She is passionate and dedicated to what she does, and it comes so naturally. Great teacher, wonderful class!                                                                      


      Nancy K.

I have been with Karen for many years. I have always enjoyed her classes and find them very beneficial.

      Donna K

​Karen is the winner of the Funcoast Readers Choice Award 2012 for Best Yoga Class

read what class members are saying about body language yoga!  this is why i teach yoga!

​​​​​​​Body Language, LLC

​Karen is the winner of the Funcoast Readers Choice Award 2012 for Best Yoga Class​

karen l. polvinale, owner/teacher

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"I observed Karen's Yoga class one day recently with only very short notice given.  Karen was very professional and allowed this observation without hesitation.  Karen's knowledge of Yoga was impressive.  I was particularly impressed with the age range that participated, young adult to more elderly people.  Karen began her class with gentle warm up stretches gradually moving toward more advanced poses and stretches.  Her program incorporated exercise, stretching and balance, but at each individual's ability.  Throughout the class Karen offered "beginner" alternatives to the more advanced poses/stretches.  Karen effortlessly incorporates safety in a way that the client doesn't even realize that it's safety.  Karen guided the clients through her program in a very encouraging and supportive way and ended with relaxation techniques that did not focus on any specific philosophical method; I especially liked this because people of different religious backgrounds can be sensitive to this.  I would recommend Karen's classes to any adult looking into Yoga! I have been a therapist for 27 years and looked closely at Karen's knowledge of exercise and physiology, Karen is an excellent Yoga instructor and I highly recommend her classes!

Thank you, Karen, for offering your services to our community!

      Annette C.
      Physical Therapist

"Thank you very much for leading our yoga classes and doing such a wonderful job.  I like how you accomodate all of our different skill levels and tell us everyone's yoga looks different because we each have our own individual styles.

This class has meant a great deal to me.  I had 2 breast cancer surgeries last summer (July & Sept.) and had radiation therapy through Nov.  I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in Nov.  Your class has kept me going and helps me to become stronger and more flexible.  My health is good now.

I never really thought I would like yoga - yours is the first class I've taken; and I just love it."

      Deb B.

 "I really enjoy Karen's yoga classes. It has helped with relieving my stress, I always leave the class calm and relaxed. I've noticed that feeling stays with me longer each time. Also, it has really helped with flexibility and my stiff joints. I haven't had any joint pain or discomfort since I've been practicing yoga. Highly recommend this class."

      Deb A.

"Simply put - Yoga just makes you feel good!!!  The combination of stretching, deep breathing and relaxation has greatly improved my flexibility, balance and strength.  It has helped me feel more relaxed and calmer in my everyday life.  I am 63 years of age and have been attending Karen's Yoga classes on a regular basis for the past five to six years.  I think of it as my gift to me, and it truly is!  Take time out of your busy schedule and try it; you will be amazed how much better you will start feeling."

      Mary Ann B.

"This yoga class helps me to look forward to Mondays!  After class, I feel like I've had a relaxing massage. I've stretched, worked on strength and balance, then focused on relaxation. And then, I sleep better at night too. My body tells me when I have missed a class, I feel less flexible and centered.  I have made a commitment to myself to attend Monday and Wednesday classes, just for me."

      Andrea N.